Why do Guys wear Cologne to Work?

Although the norm is not generally to wear cologne to work, some guys still do. This is not wrong per say,  but it might be problematic if they wear the wrong types of cologne so sometimes it’s best to stay away. There are a few reasons why guys might wear cologne to work.


A lot of guys don’t have a clue what the etiquette is when it comes to colognes. This is something that is not taught in schools and if the knowledge is not passed down by their fathers ( who might also not be knowledgeable ) how else would they be educated. Men are often practical beings with a “I bought it, I might as well wear it” attitude.

Body odor

They might be wearing it to try to disguise their body odors. It’s not uncommon that some men will use cologne like deodorant to cover up bad smells. Technically this is also an act of ignorance, as the cologne will more than likely enhance the bad smell than take it away,

To make a general impression

Some guys will use cologne to boost there self esteem and make it an impression. Cologne is often associated with wealth and luxury. Men might wear cologne if that is the message they want to send to their co-workers.

To impress someone specifically

It might be that he has a secret office crush. Wearing the right cologne is a sure way to get noticed by the opposite sex. If you are at a club, party or dinner function. If you are a lady and have noticed a male co-worker working very closely to you wearing strong cologne to work, this might well be the case.

The curse of the gift

It could be that the poor guy is wearing the cologne against his will. It might be that he follows obligated to wear it or feels bad not to. This could happen if the cologne was a gift from his wife or girlfriend. They might feel offended if he doesn’t use the expensive gift they bought him. Or it might be that he got it for Christmas and just wants to show it off.

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