How to Properly Apply Cologne

There are quite a few things that they don’t teach in school, but which they really should. For example: How to use a washing machine, how to do your taxes and how to apply cologne. I still don’t know how to do the first two, but I can at least help you with the latter.

  • To get the best value out of your cologne always apply it to the parts of your body that produces the most heat. The heat will act as a catalyst to make your cologne’s smell last all day long. Try to put cologne on your wrist or (as strange as it sounds) behind your ears. Never put cologne on your clothes, as it will fade away very quickly.
  • If you spray it on your chest it will scent your as well.
  • You might have heard that the smell of a certain cologne changes on every different person that wears it. This mostly happens when you apply cologne to your neck. Cologne applied here will mix with your natural scent.
  • Body odor is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is important to know where on your body that originates. If you put cologne on those certain areas it won’t cover the smell and might even enhance it.
  • Don’t overdo it. We mention your wrists, ears, chest and neck, but it is not necessary to apply cologne to all those places. Decide on one or two spots and keep it simple.
  • Always take a bath or shower before applying cologne.
  • Never spray directly on your skin. If the spray forms droplets you’re not doing it in the best way.
  • If you use the dabbing method, only dab once and be sure to wash your hands afterwards.
  • Never rub the cologne into your skin. This will make the liquid evaporate.
  • Mixing fragrances is a big no-no. Your cologne is specially crafted from different scents and mixing it with other smells could have a horrible effect.
  • After a while you might think your cologne has disappeared, but that’s just because your nose got used to the smell. Other people will still be able to smell it so do not reapply in these situations.


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