How to Get Free Cologne Samples

The easiest way to get free cologne samples would be to simply go to the stores that sell cologne and ask for free samples. 90% of the time they will be happy to help. They will usually supply you with a small bottle that holds enough cologne for three applications.

The amount of different colognes they see fit to give a for free per potential customer will differ from store-to-store, but the ethical thing to do would be to take only one or two. Especially if you plan on coming back another day to try some more samples.

Cologne companies are constantly giving away free samples as part of promotions but these are promotions that you would not normally know about if you weren’t specifically looking for them. The truth is though, they are out there. You just have to put in a bit of work to go find them, but free cologne will definitely be worth it.

The best way to find these hidden treasures is to go on the social networks. Make a list of all the cologne companies you know and visit their Facebook pages. Check their recent posts and you’ll be sure to discover some unknown gems. The same applies to Instagram and Twitter.

If you’ve exhausted the first 2 opportunities I mentioned, a 3rd option still remains. Take that same list you put together for the social networks and expand it a bit. Get your hands on a business directory or the internet and start searching for postal and email addresses of the fragrance suppliers. Even if they aren’t offering free samples at retail level or with online promotions, chances are the might still accommodate you if you ask them directly.

You can email them, which is faster, but I would suggest using the method your grandparents used. Write your pleas on a piece of paper and stick it in an old-fashioned envelope and mail it to them. Emails can sometimes be impersonal and often end up in spam folders. A well written letter will be sure to get you some free stuff.

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