David Beckham‘s Line of Products & Brands

David Beckham former Manchester United star and ex captain of England football team is known not only for his game but also for his life style and looks too. He is renowned for his fashion sense and dressing style as he is a fashion icon who’s dressing can start new trend.

Being sexiest man alive is a line which perfectly defines him. He started his journey from football and now an entrepreneur and successful businessman. He has his own product line and brands which he owns and created in collaboration with famous brands till now.

With his wife Victoria Beckham he introduced designer clothing brand years ago which is changing trend and lifestyle of people now also. David Beckham created his own collection of clothing in collaboration with Kent & Curwen which was a hit and in that chain only recently he launched new menswear range for H&M which is hitting fashion market with new style and designs .

David Beckham can be called a clothing designer too because his designs are trending vogue in itself. His clothing comes by name of David Beckham collection. He actually turned his hand from sports to fashion very efficiently. He created much designer clothing collection till now with famous brands like Adidas, H&M, K&C and many more.

Beckham’s lifestyle products are also available in market which are on his name David Beckham and are launched with Global Brands Group. These life style products known are famous for its quality and design which David Beckham has done himself.

David Beckham owns his own footwear brandwhich he produces under the umbrella of DB Ventures. His footwear range is for all purpose from sports to lifestyle shoes. These shoes are designed by him for people who love fashion Beckham a lot.

David Beckham has partnered with L’Oréal to launch his men grooming product line. By the name of House 99. He launched 13 innovative products range from moisturizer to a beard and hair balm. This brand have shampoo , beard balm ,eye balm , styling gel , texturing clay , shaving stick and many more innovative products.

In his product line another brand is David Beckham fragrances which he owns. He plays active role in choosing fragrances and finalizing of logo and its packaging. His fragrance range has variety of fragrances in it like classic, signature, beyond, instinct, homme and the essence. Apart from this his fragrances brand produces deodorant and perfumes too., though these colognes are cheap.

David Beckham owns many brands and product line which he created. In this list health and fitness specialist is also there. With Adidas he launched fitness and sports products.

In fitness and health world David Beckham created some awesome health and fitness products in collaboration with health supplement companies. His fitness products are designed by him, according to fitness tips he follows. His health products have drinks and fitness equipments.

David Beckham with his wife had launched fashion magazine which teaches fashio1 tips to beginners and shares trending fashion styles in it.

David Beckham has spa and recreation companies which he owns in partnership with his wife and one leading spa franchise.

Recently with one famous brand he launched men’s underwear which is stylish and comfortable.

All his brands and product line is marked and sold by his name. David Beckham. And he has collaboration with many famous and known brands.

Why do Guys wear Cologne to Work?

Although the norm is not generally to wear cologne to work, some guys still do. This is not wrong per say,  but it might be problematic if they wear the wrong types of cologne so sometimes it’s best to stay away. There are a few reasons why guys might wear cologne to work.


A lot of guys don’t have a clue what the etiquette is when it comes to colognes. This is something that is not taught in schools and if the knowledge is not passed down by their fathers ( who might also not be knowledgeable ) how else would they be educated. Men are often practical beings with a “I bought it, I might as well wear it” attitude.

Body odor

They might be wearing it to try to disguise their body odors. It’s not uncommon that some men will use cologne like deodorant to cover up bad smells. Technically this is also an act of ignorance, as the cologne will more than likely enhance the bad smell than take it away,

To make a general impression

Some guys will use cologne to boost there self esteem and make it an impression. Cologne is often associated with wealth and luxury. Men might wear cologne if that is the message they want to send to their co-workers.

To impress someone specifically

It might be that he has a secret office crush. Wearing the right cologne is a sure way to get noticed by the opposite sex. If you are at a club, party or dinner function. If you are a lady and have noticed a male co-worker working very closely to you wearing strong cologne to work, this might well be the case.

The curse of the gift

It could be that the poor guy is wearing the cologne against his will. It might be that he follows obligated to wear it or feels bad not to. This could happen if the cologne was a gift from his wife or girlfriend. They might feel offended if he doesn’t use the expensive gift they bought him. Or it might be that he got it for Christmas and just wants to show it off.

The Difference Between Cologne and Eau de Toilette Explained

The terminology of fragrances is something that eludes most of us and one of the biggest riddles is: What is cologne and what is Eau de Toilette? I for one was under the impression for many years that it’s about the same as the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine. Needless to say, I was very wrong in my assumptions.

Let’s start at the beginning. All fragrances are made from the perfume essence. This contains all the oils, absolutes, animal extracts and synthetics that make the fragrance smell the way it smells. This is the purest and most concentrated form of a fragrance. Before it can be used it has to be diluted. This is done with water or alcohol and this is where the other forms of the fragrance comes in.

Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne are sold in spray bottles, because they are diluted enough to be dispensed in such a matter. Now let’s look at the differences between the two.

Eau de Toilette

  • It has a high alcohol content which mean it will evaporate very quickly.
  • It is recommended for day-to-day use, because even if you spray it more than once the smell will not become overpowering.
  • It has 4-15% of the pure perfume essence.

Eau de Cologne

  • They are very light and fresh fragrances
  • They contain essential oils like lemon, orange and the absolute neroli
  • It is the most diluted type of perfume
  • It contains 2-5% of the perfume essence.
  • Colognes are normally used by younger people.

How to Get Free Cologne Samples

The easiest way to get free cologne samples would be to simply go to the stores that sell cologne and ask for free samples. 90% of the time they will be happy to help. They will usually supply you with a small bottle that holds enough cologne for three applications.

The amount of different colognes they see fit to give a for free per potential customer will differ from store-to-store, but the ethical thing to do would be to take only one or two. Especially if you plan on coming back another day to try some more samples.

Cologne companies are constantly giving away free samples as part of promotions but these are promotions that you would not normally know about if you weren’t specifically looking for them. The truth is though, they are out there. You just have to put in a bit of work to go find them, but free cologne will definitely be worth it.

The best way to find these hidden treasures is to go on the social networks. Make a list of all the cologne companies you know and visit their Facebook pages. Check their recent posts and you’ll be sure to discover some unknown gems. The same applies to Instagram and Twitter.

If you’ve exhausted the first 2 opportunities I mentioned, a 3rd option still remains. Take that same list you put together for the social networks and expand it a bit. Get your hands on a business directory or the internet and start searching for postal and email addresses of the fragrance suppliers. Even if they aren’t offering free samples at retail level or with online promotions, chances are the might still accommodate you if you ask them directly.

You can email them, which is faster, but I would suggest using the method your grandparents used. Write your pleas on a piece of paper and stick it in an old-fashioned envelope and mail it to them. Emails can sometimes be impersonal and often end up in spam folders. A well written letter will be sure to get you some free stuff.

How to Properly Apply Cologne

There are quite a few things that they don’t teach in school, but which they really should. For example: How to use a washing machine, how to do your taxes and how to apply cologne. I still don’t know how to do the first two, but I can at least help you with the latter.

  • To get the best value out of your cologne always apply it to the parts of your body that produces the most heat. The heat will act as a catalyst to make your cologne’s smell last all day long. Try to put cologne on your wrist or (as strange as it sounds) behind your ears. Never put cologne on your clothes, as it will fade away very quickly.
  • If you spray it on your chest it will scent your as well.
  • You might have heard that the smell of a certain cologne changes on every different person that wears it. This mostly happens when you apply cologne to your neck. Cologne applied here will mix with your natural scent.
  • Body odor is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is important to know where on your body that originates. If you put cologne on those certain areas it won’t cover the smell and might even enhance it.
  • Don’t overdo it. We mention your wrists, ears, chest and neck, but it is not necessary to apply cologne to all those places. Decide on one or two spots and keep it simple.
  • Always take a bath or shower before applying cologne.
  • Never spray directly on your skin. If the spray forms droplets you’re not doing it in the best way.
  • If you use the dabbing method, only dab once and be sure to wash your hands afterwards.
  • Never rub the cologne into your skin. This will make the liquid evaporate.
  • Mixing fragrances is a big no-no. Your cologne is specially crafted from different scents and mixing it with other smells could have a horrible effect.
  • After a while you might think your cologne has disappeared, but that’s just because your nose got used to the smell. Other people will still be able to smell it so do not reapply in these situations.